Class on 4.5.13: Installing WordPress

Today we are going to install WordPress on your own accounts where you will have the ability to see the WordPress files, upload themes and even create your own themes to upload.

This is a two-step process where we will first get a free hosting account and then install WordPress on it.

Before we jump into the install I want to quickly go over a couple of diagrams to help explain what is needed to run WordPress and a quick rundown of a WordPress page load (even though it looks complicated, we will get into more detail later if you can believe it).

Requirements to Run a WordPress Site

This diagram shows the software and services that are needed before you can install and run a WordPress site.

Diagram of software and services needed for WordPress

Loading a WordPress Page

This diagram shows what happens when you load a page from WordPress. I’ll talk through it in class.

Diagram of the process of how a WordPress page is displayed

Getting Your Free Hosting Account

This tutorial shows how to get your account. We’ll do the first couple of steps together and then I’ll walk around and help you on your own.

Installing WordPress

Try following this tutorial on you own after you create your account. I will come around and help, and may stop the class to point out a couple of things.

Choose a Theme

Try finding and installing a theme by using the built in search tool.

Write a Post

Write a post on your newly created blog about the install process and your thoughts so far.

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