Assignment #2: Blog

For this assignment you will need to install WordPress either on a server or on your USB drive with Server2Go or something similar. We did this in class but just in case you missed it or need to do it again here are the links to those posts:

Installing WordPress using a free hosting account

Installing WordPress using Server2Go

I would actually recommend to all of you that you have WP installed both on an actual server and on your USB drive. If you do work on the USB you can always transfer the files to the server later (there are different processes for transferring template files and posts and pages, which we will cover later).

Assignment Requirements

  • Install WordPress (using either method above)
  • Create a Page named About Me and write a little bit about yourself on the page
  • Install a new theme (ie don’t use one of the default themes given with the install)
  • Write a post with a description of your impressions of WordPress so far (it can be short and should be honest).

Turning in the Assignment

Go to Blackboard and find Assignment #2 in the assignments section and then:

  • If you have it installed on a server just give me the URL
  • If you have it installed on a USB drive then tell me that is what you did and that you will show me in class.
  • Click the submit button


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