Class on 2.19.13

Outline of the day

Template Tags

  1. Background on WordPress Template Hierarchy:
  2. Download the TwentyTwelve-2.19.13 theme:
  3. Page Templates
    1. Open the test-page.php page template file.
    2. Create a page that uses that template
    3. Have it use sidebar-new.php instead of sidebar.php
  4. Duplicate sidebar.php and rename it sidebar-new.php
  5. Add Link to RSS feed in the sidebar-new.php using the bloginfo() Template Tag:
  6. Add in a tag cloud using the wp_tag_cloud() template tag
    1. We will also talk about template tag arguments and use them for the wp_tag_cloud()
  7. Conditional Tags
    1. What are they
    2. Examples of Conditional Tags

The Loop

This starts in chapter 3 in the book. We are going to start this out. We might not get to it until Thursday.

  1. What is the loop
  2. Download modified Twenty Ten theme and follow along in the book.
  3. Below are some images that help clarify what the book asks you to do
    1. This file contains a basic loop: BasicLoop.php

The Basic Loop

Asking for a particular loop file using get_template_part()

Adding in the Excerpt

Removing Filters in functions.php

Adding CSS to style.css’

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