Assignment #4 WordPress Theme

This assignment is to create a WordPress Theme from the given static, HTML and CSS files.


Begin with these HTML and CSS files:

Theme Requirements

Create a Theme with the following:

  • style.css – the default stylesheet, Make sure Your Name is in the Theme Name
  • index.php – the default page template. Should use content.php in the loop
  • content.php – To show a post in the WP Loop
  • header.php – doctype, head element, opening body element and navigation
  • footer.php – close tags left open in header.php, footer
  • sidebar.php – widgetized sidebar area.
  • functions.php – need this to register the sidebar. Sidebar will need custom (before_widget, after_widget, before_title, after_title).
  • single.php – the template for showing a single Post
  • content-single.php – To show a single Post in the WP Loop
  • comments.php – this is the template that shows comments. You will need to come up with the HTML and CSS and try to keep it consistent with the rest of the design.
  • Keep links to reset.css, font-face.css and the Oswald Google Web Font working
  • The menu at the top and the menu at the bottom should be WordPress menus and not static HTML.

Due Date and Turning it in

The assignment is due Friday, March 22

Turn it in by ziping your theme folder, Your Name and the assignment 4 should be part of the folder name, and uploading that zip file to Blackboard for Assignment 4.

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