Class on 4.25.13

Today we are going to look at how to use the featured image functionality with WP_Query() to create a custom home page. There are a lot of little parts to get it working. None of them are too tough but the combination of all of them can be tricky. The rough order is:

  • talk about why featured images might not upload
  • Before you start a custom home page (planning the page)
  • Setting the featured image sizes in functions.php to match your plan
  • Creating a Page Template
  • Create a custom content-x.php (we will also look at putting a loop right on the page.)
  • Dashboard settings for the Custom page (Choosing the template for a page and then making that page the static front page)
  • Creating a custom header-x.php (in case you want to change how the header appears)
  • Modifications to style.css

Depending on time we may also talk about the kinds of things you might need to do if you wanted to make a slider.

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