Class on 5.16.13

Today we are going to spend most of the day working on your projects. I’m going to have you all take some time at the beginning of class to work in pairs and go over each other’s projects to check where you are and help each other out. I will also go around from group to group and  be able to get to more people by seeing two at once.

Use the requirements here when talking over your projects.

Before that a couple of quick points:

  • I made a post about the  CUNY Service Corps. I believe the numbers are $12/hr and 12 hrs per week, but don’t hold me to that. Remember that they asked specifically for MMP/MMA students so you may have a good shot at getting it.
  • I created a page for the content. It is here: It is password protected. I’ll tell you what that is in class.
  • I’m caught up on grading in Blackboard so check in with that and make sure you submit or resubmit assignments soon.
  • And the most important, for some of you, I have finally figured out how to add WordPress accounts to one of my servers. If you need hosting to put your site online, then let me know in class.

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