Each of the assignments for class will be listed on this page.

Remember: Most assignments will need to be turned in to Blackboard to complete them.


  • Assignment #4 WordPress Theme

    March 12, 2013Christopher SteinThis assignment is to create a WordPress Theme from the given static, HTML and CSS files. Files Begin with these HTML and CSS files: Theme Requirements Create a Theme with the following: style.css – the default stylesheet, Make sure Your Name is in the Theme Name index.php – the default page template. Should use content.php in the loop content.php – To show a post in the WP Loop header.php – doctype, head element, opening body element and navigation footer.php – close tags left open in header.php, footer sidebar.php – widgetized sidebar area. functions.php – need this to register the sidebar. Sidebar will need custom (before_widget, after_widget, before_title, after_title). single.php – the template for showing a single Post content-single.php – To show a single Post in the WP Loop comments.php – this is the template that shows comments. You will need to come up with the HTML and CSS and try to keep it consistent with the rest of the design. Keep links to reset.css, font-face.css and the Oswald Google Web Font working The menu at the top and the menu at the bottom should be WordPress menus and not static HTML. Due Date and Turning it in The assignment is due Friday, March 22 Turn it in by ziping your theme folder, Your Name and the assignment 4 should ...
  • Assignment #3: The WordPress Loop

    February 21, 2013Christopher SteinAssignment 3 The Loop Turning it in For this assignment I need to be able to see your code. So you won’t give me the URL. Instead  do the following Zip the theme folder (make sure you changed the name of the folder and the theme name in style.css as outlined in Step 1). Upload the zipped folder to Blackboard for Assignment #3 There didn’t used to be an Assignment section on Blackboard but there is one now. Instructions We will start this assignment in class on 2.21.13. No single thing in the assignment is extremely difficult but there are a lot of small things you need to do for everything to work. This is part of the assignment and part of working with WordPress. The ovearll assignment is to create a new page template the uses three custom Loops to out put a featured post and two lists of posts. The following is the breakdown of how you should accomplish that. Start with this Custom Loop theme that is based on Twenty Ten and modify it as Edit the folder name to have your name on the end like: TwentyTen-CustomLoop-ChrisStein Open the files in your text editor and in style.css, change the Theme Name to have your name at ...
  • Assignment #2: Blog

    February 12, 2013Christopher SteinFor this assignment you will need to install WordPress either on a server or on your USB drive with Server2Go or something similar. We did this in class but just in case you missed it or need to do it again here are the links to those posts: Installing WordPress using a free hosting account Installing WordPress using Server2Go I would actually recommend to all of you that you have WP installed both on an actual server and on your USB drive. If you do work on the USB you can always transfer the files to the server later (there are different processes for transferring template files and posts and pages, which we will cover later). Assignment Requirements Install WordPress (using either method above) Create a Page named About Me and write a little bit about yourself on the page Install a new theme (ie don’t use one of the default themes given with the install) Write a post with a description of your impressions of WordPress so far (it can be short and should be honest). Turning in the Assignment Go to Blackboard and find Assignment #2 in the assignments section and then: If you have it installed on a server just give me the URL If you have it installed ...
  • Assignment 1: Blog

    January 29, 2013Christopher SteinIf you’re in class on the first day then you will have basically done this assignment. The assignment is to Create a blog at Import the zip file from Instructions are on the Welcome Post at the class blog. Create a Post of your own Create a Page of your own Create a Category with your name Upload the URL of your blog to the Assignment 1: assignment Blog on Blackboard. For future reference, most assignments in this class will involve putting something online and then putting the URL into an assignment on Blackboard.


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