Class on 5.16.13

Today we are going to spend most of the day working on your projects. I’m going to have you all take some time at the beginning of class to work in pairs and go over each other’s projects to check where you are and help each other out. I will also go around from group to group and  be able to get to more people by seeing two at once.

Use the requirements here when talking over your projects.

Before that a couple of quick points:

  • I made a post about the  CUNY Service Corps. I believe the numbers are $12/hr and 12 hrs per week, but don’t hold me to that. Remember that they asked specifically for MMP/MMA students so you may have a good shot at getting it.
  • I created a page for the content. It is here: It is password protected. I’ll tell you what that is in class.
  • I’m caught up on grading in Blackboard so check in with that and make sure you submit or resubmit assignments soon.
  • And the most important, for some of you, I have finally figured out how to add WordPress accounts to one of my servers. If you need hosting to put your site online, then let me know in class.

Class on 5.7.13

Today we are going to do two things.

At the beginning of the class we are going to go over using Custom Fields to show bio information on the subject of the articles. Then in the second half you will review each other’s progress against the project requirements.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to enter specific information along with the normal post content. You can then pull out this information in your template. Here is the codex page on Custom Fields:

We will also use get_post_meta() to retrieve the information. Here is an (unfinished) example:

<?php  if((get_post_meta($post->ID, "bio", true))) { ?>
	<div id="bio">
		<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, "bio", true); ?>		
<?php } ?>

Partner Progress Evaluation

Using the Final Requirements, go over where each of you are in relation to the requirements. Help each other out with things you are unsure about or need work on.

Class on 4.30.13

Today we are going to look again at the featured image use on the homepage. We will add in a hero image and look at using JavaScript for the other images on the page.

For the JavaScript part we will follow loosely this tutorial:

with some modifications for using it with WordPress

That will most likely take up all of our time, but if we have more we will start looking at the single post view for articles.

Class on 4.25.13

Today we are going to look at how to use the featured image functionality with WP_Query() to create a custom home page. There are a lot of little parts to get it working. None of them are too tough but the combination of all of them can be tricky. The rough order is:

  • talk about why featured images might not upload
  • Before you start a custom home page (planning the page)
  • Setting the featured image sizes in functions.php to match your plan
  • Creating a Page Template
  • Create a custom content-x.php (we will also look at putting a loop right on the page.)
  • Dashboard settings for the Custom page (Choosing the template for a page and then making that page the static front page)
  • Creating a custom header-x.php (in case you want to change how the header appears)
  • Modifications to style.css

Depending on time we may also talk about the kinds of things you might need to do if you wanted to make a slider.

Class on 4.18.13 Group Midterm Evaluation

Today we are going to break into groups and you are going to give each other feedback on your midterm projects. The overall goal of the day is to help you see where you are with the project and what you need to do to complete it. You will also be able to help each other fix problems that you have. In the end you will hopefully learn from others helping you and you helping others. You will each be required to show what you have regardless of what state your project is in.

While you all are talking with each other I will go around and help out as needed.

I will be handing out evaluation sheets in class. In case you miss class here is a PDF of that sheet: MMP350_MidtermGroupEvaluation.pdf


Class on Tuesday 4.9.13

Today we went over how to add multiple menus and multiple widget areas (sidebars) to a page.

For these I will do the following. Files we completed in class are going to be posted in the Class Files section of our site and I will post up some tutorials on how to do those things. The tutorials will be written form and will be up in the next week.

Class on Thursday 3.14.13

For the first half of the class you will work on your Assignment 4 files. Focus on the index.php and content.php files.

In the second half of the class we will see how we can convert these files to show a single post. The basic difference with the single post is that it shows comments at the bottom of the post.

  • index.php —-> single.php (remove the if( have_posts() ) and the else)
  • content.php —–> content-single.php (add in the code for comments.php)
  • And we will create comments.php