Final Project Requirements

MMP 350 Final Project Requirements

[20] Basics

These are the basic parts to show a WP page/post.

  • header.php
  • footer.php
  • sidebar.php (doesn’t have to appear as a sidebar but you need a place for user to add widgets.)
  • custom menu (defined in functions.php and used in one of the template files)
  • functions.php

[20] Custom Homepage

  • [5] Use Featured Images on Posts
  • [10] Use WP_Query() in combination with Categories to show at least two types of posts (my example has a hero post at top with featured posts below)
  • [5] Homepage is static page that uses a page template

[20] Custom Article

  • [4] Shows Featured Image as main article image
  • [2] Intro shows the_title(), the_excerpt() and Author Name
  • [4] Shows the_content()
  • [5] Shows Bio section (this is the extra content about the subject of the article, not the author). This requires use of Custom Fields in the posts.
  • [5] Shows Author Infomation: This uses the user description for the bio and customized user meta add the image.

[5] Search

  • the theme needs a working search integrated somewhere. It should be through the template tag and not a widget.

[20] Visual Design

  • [7] The design of the homepage (visually appealing, clearly shows different sections of the page (hero, featured images, sidebar, nav, footer etc))
  • [7] Visual design of the article page (the single post view). Again, aesthetically pleasing while also showing the different parts of the article (title, excerpt, author, content, bio area, author area)
  • [6] Typography. You have paid attention to typography throughout the site, including on the secondary pages

[15] Secondary Pages

  • 404 page
  • Archive page (date, category, tag)
  • Author page

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